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Hobbies and interest Activity Description

Professional details

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References1. Name of person:   Relationship:      
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Questions 1. Have you ever been convicted for any civil or criminal offence?   
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2. Do you have any kind of physical hadicap, chronic illness, allergies, etc?   
    If yes, please describe in details:

3. Have you been previously employed by Bakhache Luxuries (M) Sdn. Bhd or its affiliates?   
    If yes, please give the location of the branch, position & date of last employment.

4. Do you have any relatives/friends employed with Bakhache Luxuries or its affiliates?   
    If yes, please give the information on the name of the person(s), position(s), branch/outlet.

5. Do you possess a valid driving license?   
    If yes, specify license #:   Date of issue:   Valid until:
6. Do you own any vehicle?   
    If yes,   
7. Do you possess a valid passport?   
    If yes, specify passport #:   Date of issue:   Valid until:
8. State the reason why you would like to join the company: Basic Salary Expected: RM per Month


I, hereby declare that all the statement and information provided by me in this application are true and correct. If any of the information give above is proven to be false, I agree that Bakhache Luxuries has the right to terminate my employment immediately without any compensation whatsoever.

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